Chapter VII

September 11: The New Reichstag Fire (1)

Bush e Hitler

What we have recently said about the imminent consummation of times and about the last confrontation of materialists, leaded by Zionism, against Islam and all other religions and doctrines deserves a separate chapter in what concerns the recent events in the United States.

Evidently, such an attack was planned and executed by those interested in its consequences. It is obvious: the results in no manner favor Islam or any Muslim country; they favor, instead, those designs of the Zionist State of Israel and of US world hegemony. One only question brings down (like the Twin Towers) the cinematographic farce produced: how is it possible to believe that the Pentagon, center of the North-American military intelligence, was not prepared to identify and destroy whatever attempt of attack? (2)

This question — and many others, as we shall soon see — have no possible or satisfactory answer. The existing powerful resources of detection can identify moving objects the size of a bee, their trajectory and potential danger. Let us agree that agree that a Boeing airplane is not a miniscule target — let alone four hijacked ones. Such a supposition is entirely unbelievable, but let the truth be said: not one organ of the big international press ever really questioned this fundamental point.

A real or fictitious participation of Arabs and / or Muslims little matters, for such element is always possible; the “proofs” that the American government has been producing do not seriously support themselves being exhibited week after week in the aftermath of the diabolic event. No one in his right mind would believe that the members of a team planning and executing such an act would have kept written proofs with “recommendations;” such ingenuity does not go well with the complexity and precision of an attack possible only with the connivance and some sort of participation from the key sector of the American national security.

Besides this, it needs mentioning that much of what was “fabricated” as proof of Islamic involvement (videos, texts, suspect discourse and behavior) does not agree with the basic precepts of the religion. A sort of resistance in the international public opinion to the versions presented by the American government is noticeable: something sound fake, to the extent of the mentors of the farce being forced to delay or redo part of their plan, for they had foreseen a certain unanimity that did not occur regarding the authorship and the proposed retaliation.

Their objective, after all, becomes clearer every day: to identify terrorism with fanaticism, and this with the Islamic religion. It is — as we can see from the editorials of the big press — a continuous war, badly disguised, of the globalized (“modern democracy”) North-American ideology (economic and political) against Islam and theocracy or other traditional forms of government. It pays to transcribe the final section of an editorial (3),so that no one thinks that we exaggerate:

“What really bothers to the point of exasperation the fundamentalists — pointed out as the main suspects of the authorship of the attacks — is not only the American arrogance or its support of the State of Israel. What these radicals do not tolerate, above all, is modernity. The existence of a society in which people who are just can live without being bothered, and the poor have real possibilities of attaining prosperity through the fruit of their work: this, the true anathema of the terrorists that attacked the US. They are the envoys of death, of the theocratic elite, medieval and tyrannical, exerting absolute power in their feuds. For them democracy is satanic. For this reason it is fought and destroyed.”

Some information borrowed from Gore Vidal’s exceptional essay, “The Enemy Within,” will aid us in better situating the antecedents of the September 11 event, and in enumerating the proofs of (at least) omission and complicity of the US government, ally and armed hand of the Zionist movement in this tragic event.

Gore Vidal accuses US of complicity

The English newspaper The Guardian, on October 27 of 2002, published a devastating essay by Gore Vidal, “The Enemy Within,” where he categorically accuses the North-American government of being at least an accomplice to the attack. Respected and feared as an expert on US history and policy, Vidal provides us with coherent and precise information, presenting step by step the antecedents of this truly diabolical event, and leaving no margin for doubts as to the omission and connivance of the G.W. Bush administration in the macabre farce of the September 11.

In his essay, Gore Vidal cites Zbigniew Brzezinski — a university professor, writer and international political consultant for various US governments since the sixties — as a key figure for better understanding the international Zionist and North-American political strategy. Brzezinski is the author of the Council on Foreign Relations study (1997) called “The Great Chessboard: American Primacy, a Geostrategic Imperative,” from which Vidal reproduces a few sections, adding his comments:

“Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some 500 years ago, Eurasia has been the centre of world power. Eurasia is all territory east of Germany. This means Russia, the Middle East, China and parts of India. Russia and China, bordering oil-rich central Asia, are the two main powers threatening US hegemony in that area.”

“Brzezinski takes it for granted that the US must exert control over the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, known to those who love them as the ‘Stans’: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan; all “of importance from the standpoint of security and historical ambitions to at least three of their most immediate and most powerful neighbors: Russia, Turkey and Iran, with China signaling. Brzezinski notes how the world’s energy consumption keeps increasing; hence who controls Caspian oil / gas will control the world economy.”

“He then, reflexively, goes into the standard American rationalization for empire: We want nothing, ever, for ourselves, only to keep bad people from getting good things with which to hurt good people. “It follows that America’s primary interest is to help ensure that no single [other] power comes to control the geopolitical space and that the global community has unhindered financial and economic access to it.”

“Brzezinski is quite aware that American leaders are wonderfully ignorant of history and geography so he really lays it on, stopping just short of invoking politically incorrect ‘manifest destiny.’ He reminds the Council just how big Eurasia is. Seventy-five percent of the world’s population is Eurasian. If I have done the sums right, that means that we’ve only got control, to date, of a mere 25 percent of the world’s folks. More! ‘Eurasia accounts for 60-per cent of the world’s GNP and three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.’”

“Brzezinski’s master plan for “our” globe has obviously been accepted by the Cheney-Bush junta (4). Corporate America, long over-excited by Eurasian mineral wealth, has been aboard from the beginning. Brzezinski clearly envisaged that the establishment, consolidation and expansion of the US military hegemony over Eurasia through Central Asia would require unprecedented, open-ended militarization of foreign policy, coupled with an unprecedented manufacture of domestic support and consensus on this militarization campaign.”

The term fabrication in this case is very adequate: it meant forging an event of great emotional impact on the North-American public and worldwide opinion for obtaining such support, something that would represent an external threat, massive and terrifying, creating the political and psychosocial conditions for a war declaration “in defense of the threatened national security.”

Such a declaration came to imply the additional suspension of various rights and civil liberties foreseen in the American Constitution, for Clinton, after the Oklahoma bombing, with the USA Patriot Act, already had restricted such rights. Government agents are authorized to break into the house of any person, to search it and to prevent the citizen, for an undetermined period, from finding that a search warrant was emitted. We are not speaking of the Argentinean or Chilean dictatorships! The agents of the American government can force librarians to say which books were lent to whom. If the librarian refuses to do so, he / she can be criminally indicted. Credit card balance statements and other private information (e-mails and private files in personal computers, for example) can also be accessed without previous judicial approval and without the citizen’s consent. Although very similar, we are not here reporting the methods of the former USSR. This is the United States today.

The second USA Patriot Act goes yet further: the simple accusation that a North-American citizen has cooperated — consciously or not (sic) — with some terrorist organization is enough to deprive him / her of citizenship and to expose him / her to expatriation (including to “regions where no form of government exists”). For an undetermined period and without formal accusation, government age nts secretly began detaining and interrogating “suspects.” If by chance someone tries prosecuting these agents, he / she will find them to be immune to laws. Personal files in computers began being searched via Internet with the objective of “finding indications” of possible terrorists. In the name of Freedom, “Freedom” was candidly stolen.

Strong indications of conspiracy

There is no explaining the fighter planes (which by law should intercept hijacked planes) having been ordered to remain on ground. This decisive order was certainly given, for it is an obligation and a norm of national security for fighter planes to be sent to find out why a plane has deviated from its flight plan as soon as radars signal the deviation.

Stan Goff, a retired army veteran, professor of military science and doctrine at West Point, affirms: “Four planes get hijacked and deviated from their flight plan, all the while on FAA radar (5). I have no idea why people aren’t asking some very specific questions about the actions of Bush and company on the day of the attack.” This veteran, along with other military experts, does not understand why the rigid standard order of procedure in the event of a hijacking was not followed, i.e., why fighter planes always on standby were not immediately sent to verify what was going on and to shoot down the plane, if called for.

We could offer the very remote hypothesis of an oversight in the case of the first Boeing, more than enough reason for severe investigations and consequences that could lead to a martial court hearing or a presidential impeachment. However, another big airplane directs itself to the South Tower of the World Trade Center, and later, a third, and a fourth, which deviates to Washington and the Pentagon. All these occurrences strengthen the hypothesis of a conscious government omission, and of connivance in its higher spheres. An order of this caliber and responsibility could not be given by anyone below the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces... what does not prevent it from having been given from some one above the US presidency.

The chronology of what occurred on the fatidic September 11 is worth recalling:

1) 8:15 – Big airplanes are hijacked. President G.W. Bush is speaking to teachers, and is not communicated.
2) 8:45 – Flight 11 of American Airlines crashes into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Bush is now posing for photos with children. He remains uninformed.
3) 9:03 - Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower.
4) 9:05 – Bush receives a whispered communication, but, “after briefly turning somber, resumes listening to second-graders while American Airlines Fight 77 conducts an unscheduled point turn over Ohio and heads in the direction of Washington DC.” The President emits no order!
5) 9:30 – Finally Bush deigns to declare that the World Trade Center was attacked.
6) 9:35 – “American Airlines Flight 77 conducts a 360º turn over the Pentagon – all the while being tracked by radar” – and the Pentagon is not warned or evacuated. Where are the fighter planes of the Armed Forces more than an hour after the hijacking of four Boeings? On the ground.
7) The pilot hijacker that the administration claims has been trained “in a Florida puddle-jumper school for Piper Cubs and Cessnas, conducts a well-controlled downward spiral descending the last 7,000 feet in two-and-a-half minutes, and flies with pinpoint accuracy into the side of the building at 460 knots.”
8) 9:40 – Finally, the first fighter planes take off, an entire “hour and 20 minutes after flight controllers knew that Flight 11 had been hijacked and 50 minutes after the North Tower was struck.”

There were neither reprimands nor martial court hearings for these huge “breakdowns”; on the contrary, several medals were handed out.

The real happenings behind the wings of this conspiracy (6) probably will never become public, for such revelations full of a diabolical and macabre cynicism would be the path of ruin of the last empire. In the same manner that the fighter planes were hindered from following procedures, the President, trampling on the Constitution (that forces Congress to investigate such cases), orders that no investigation be made about the alleged “breakdown in the national security” in favor of concentrating efforts on identifying and combating the terrorist enemy.

A farce (7) of this magnitude, according to specialists, must have counted with at least four hundred participants (8), from its planning, selection, recruiting, training, logistical support, and all the necessary articulations involving varied levels of power. For lending likelihood to the farce, they attained the refinement of beforehand fabricating “secret service briefings” that supposedly warned the government of the possibility of a “great terrorist attack” woven by the Al Qaeda of Osama bin Laden.

Few seem to realize the complexity of the attack and the necessary number of persons involved. Such an enterprise simply could not have gone through without some leak of information in the long months of planning and training. The tactic of “demonizing” one only individual is due to the low intellectual capacity of the public opinion in general: a “simplification” aiming at galvanizing popular emotions against the “agent of evil” or “axis of evil”.

The huge masses of smoke in Manhattan have perhaps obscured the recent memory of many. A certain American citizen was forgotten: McVeigh, the recipient of a badge of honor from the Armed Forces and of the death penalty for a terrorist act in Oklahoma. Believing McVeigh to be the only person responsible for such an attack is the equivalent, in terms of naiveté, of believing, for example, in the “one man conspiracy” (9) that resulted in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The same attempt of simplification seems to repeat itself. A “demonized” Osama Bin Laden and only three accused “officers” are being sued without the right of designating their own attorneys.

A vast scenery develops with growing clearness: the US’s designs of world hegemony under the geopolitical strategy drawn by Brzezinski. The growing influence of the American mentality in Europe and in the rest of the world was an important stage in this process undertaken through incessant ideological bombardment: TV, movies, newspapers and magazines, advertising, in sum, all the media apparatus (the so-called “weapons of mass distraction”).

Multinationals (“Corporate America”), whose political power grows incessantly, pressure, and more, determine, national and international political paths and objectives. They do not want “more,” they want all. The American government high command is constituted by direct representants (“discharged” officers) from multinationals. Note: G.W. Bush himself has at his back his father, today a top officer of the Carlyle Group, proprietary of more than 160 companies worldwide, specializing in aerospace, defense (i.e., arms) and energy (gas and oil). Bush jr. is a partner of the Texan company, Arbusto Energy, which deals mainly with oil and gas. Cheney, the Vice-President, was a Defense Secretary for Bush sr. and President of the Halliburton (10) Industries (oil), and is associated with Union Oil of California. Colin Powell, State Secretary, lent his services to Gulfstream Aerospace, Philip Morris (11) and AOL, a period in which his shares in this company went up US$ 4 millions. Condoleezza Rice, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, is a former Director of Chevron-Texaco that, expressing gratitude for the services lent, baptized one of its oil tankers Rice. Coincidence?

It should be noted that Corporate America (multinationals), as their representatives inside and outside the government, are only the visible part of the iceberg. Most political and economy analysts and scholars cannot transpose this limit. Some, more patient and discerning, manage to establish in the wings of history the decisive influence of the Zionist movement — for a century preparing, step by step, the world scenery for the great disaster. However, few minds know what lies behind Zionism; few see the pseudo-esoteric and counter-initiatic sects (12) at the root of materialism (just an intermediary stage in the process of distancing from the Single Principle;: and few recognize this parody of “universal religion” disguising the Worshipers of the Golden Calf and the true face of the Beast. “Globalization” is no more than the imposition of materialism on everyone; i.e., an only ideology, an only commerce, an only economy, an only government (13): the reign of the “King of this World,” the Antichrist.


(1) The name of the Legislative Assembly of the Weimar Republic set on fire under Hitler’s order on February 25, 1933. Hitler accuses the communists of the act (as G.W. Bush accuses the “fanatic terrorists”), what permits him to order thousands of detentions once having established a special regimen three days after the farce.

(2) See, ahead, precise information provided by Gore Vidal in his essay “The enemy within.”

(3) “Veja” Magazine, São Paulo, in 09-19-2001.

(4) Gore Vidal, with his characteristic irony, uses the expression “Cheney-Bush junta” when referring to the Bush administration, for the President and Vice-President assumed office despite having obtained less votes than their adversaries ( the order of the names in the expression is worth attention, for the President is in reality Cheney and Bush, his parrot). A typical coup d’état more appropriate of a Banana Republic, but has not the public lack of information and the incessant campaign for the massification of imbecility end by creating a “Republic of Weaklings?”

(5) The Federal Aviation Admistration.

(6) The American government would like us to believe that Lee Oswald was the single culprit in the Kennedy assassination. Barr McClellan, father of the current Deputy Press Secretary for the White House, Scott McClellan, stated on Sept. 17, 2003 (The New York Times) that former President Lyndon Johnson (then Vice-President) was involved in the assassination of J.F. Kennedy on 1963. The assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II (that soon after struck down the communist empire with a blow) is another case never to be uncovered.

(7) Michael Meacher, former British Minister of Environment, declared on 9-8-2003 that, “Washington deliberately ignored the warnings about the attacks of 9-11.” And added: “The American administration wishes for global domination and hoped, secretly, for such an attack because the US and Great Britain are using the worldwide war against terrorism as a cover-up for their real intention: to guarantee control of the Iraqian oil for the West.” Note that the former Minister only touched the surface of the muddy sea; but it sufficed for a spokesperson from the American Embassy in London to qualify his declarations as “offensive monstrosities.” On the same day, the international Zionist media “plants” the following pseudo news: “Supposed spokesperson of Al Qaeda promises attacks on North-Americans wherever they are.” And, “Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri praise executors of the September 11th.” Very well: only 48 hours later these news were unmasked by the French specialist Roland Jacquard (uncontested by the CIA): they were manipulations of old videos.

(8) Up to now, September of 2003, the “war on terror,” unbelievably, only accounted for three lawsuits of supposed accomplices in the attack: the French-Moroccan Zacarias Moussaoui and two other Marrokians:Munir el-Motasadeq e Abdelghani Mzudi. Their “attorneys” were indicated by the American government, and at least one is a Zionist. Osama bin Laden, whose rich family is a partner of G.W. Bush’s company, has not to date been found, as Saddam Hussein, formerly favored by the American government, also has not.

(9) Barr McClellan, father of the current Deputy Press Secretary for the White House, Scott McClellan, stated on Sept. 17, 2003 (The New York Times) that former President Lyndon Johnson (then Vice-President) was involved in the assassination of J.F. Kennedy on 1963..

(10) In the Washington Post of 10-28-2003: “The contracts granted by the US government to Halliburton in Iraq already exceed US $ 1,7 billions (no less than 1/3 of the monthly military costs), and should add up to more hundreds of millions thanks to an agreement obtained without bidding by this American company from the Army’s Corp of Engineers. Halliburton was directed by the current Vice-President, Dick Cheney.” A few days after this news, G.W. Bush declares that “we will spend whatever necessary to win,” when asking the Congress for an additional US$ 87 billions that would beneficiate Halliburton, maintaining the proportion of the current budget allotment, in US$29 “extra” billions.

(11) Recently, a Director of Philip Morris in a former USSR country declared that the high number of deaths caused by tobacco “greatly dispensed with” public health services; due to this “indiscretion,” the company presented public excuses.

(12) In this respect, see René Guénon’s masterly works, specially “The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of Times” that dismantles bit by bit all the machinations aiming at the destruction of religions and preparing for the advent of the Antichrist.

(13) As can be noted, Hitler’s objective (“ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer,” i.e., “An only people, an only Empire, an only leader”) that caused the Second World War was only a prefiguration, a pallid tentative. Those that search for common points between Hitler and what we today witness will be perplexed at the unending coincidences. Some cartoonists have drawn Hitler’s mustache on G.W. Bush, what, let us agree, has is called for. A certain analogy exists in the persecutions suffered by the Jews during Second World War and the ones being undertaken against the Palestinians and other Islamic people, abominably and cynically expelled of their own territories for centuries: imprisoned, tortured and murdered in a scale integrally deserving the name genocide. Unbelievably, Zionists are outraged when Palestinians arm themselves and fight as best they can in defense of not only the territories that always belonged to them, but specially of their most precious good, their religion. Recently, the Zionist State decided to raise a wall as the one in Berlin, and to decree Yasser Arafat’s death, receiving a motion of rejection from the UN, which was promptly vetoed by US vassals.

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